The basic premise of proper food combining is that when foods are combined correctly, they absorb properly during digestion and they digest efficiently. When foods are combined incorrectly, they can’t be absorbed during digestion. Weight gain is very often a result of improper eating rather than of too many calories.

Proper food combining is based on the chemistry of digestion – simple physiological formulas. For example when you combine starches with proteins (like meat with potatoes) they each conflict with the digestion of the other, causing digestion to slow, and even not properly to occur.

We are told about all of these new digestive disorders that now have names “IBS” “Acid Reflux.” I just don’t believe in them. My guess is that maybe 1% have the actual disorder as doctors are defining it. But I have known people personally and there are thousands on the web that have cured these “disorders” or “diseases” by changing their diets. For people who suffer from gas, indigestion, acid stomach, constipation, diarrhea, cramping, bad breath, proper food combining is one of these simple approaches that can cause huge transformations.

Today’s food combining lesson: don’t combine starches with proteins. They digest differently, each causing the other to digest more slowly and improperly. This contributes to afore mentioned problems like bloating, indigestion, weight gain, and many more problems.

Avoid combinations like meat and potatoes, chicken and rice. Eat veggies with your meats: lots of them. If you have steamed veggies, put them in a bowl (after cooking) and toss with a little extra virgin olive oil and good quality natural salt and pepper. If you eat sandwiches, stick to vegetable only sandwiches like avocado and sprouts, portabello mushroom with roasted peppers. Stuff like that.