Constipation is the cause of irregular and infrequent bowel movements that are hard to pass. It is a common cause of painful defecation. But this painful defecation can be stopped by including some citrus juices to your diet. Drinking citrus juices stimulate the colon and other part of the body. Since the colon is less active at night, having citrus juice early in the morning can help in stimulating strong peristaltic action and promote healthy bowel movement. I am going to explain how these juices are effective in treating constipation.

Juices for a healthy bowel movement:
•Lemon: These are rich in minerals like vitamin C, potassium and bioflavonoid which are very effective cleansing agent for whole body. Fresh lemon juice is rich in citric acid that helps in cleansing your body like no other juice can do. It helps in building healthy enzymes in liver, which help in detoxification of toxins in the blood. It also combines with calcium to form chemical substances in body, which help in removing pancreatic or kidney stones, calcium deposits in body and plaque that has formed around arteries.


If liver pancreas or gall bladder doesn’t work well in the body then it gives rise to problems like constipation. Lemons are effective in improving the digestion. Don’t take lemons if you are allergic to them or if you have ulcers.


Squeeze a lemon into one glass of warm water and drink it first after rising in the morning. Don’t take anything else after that for up to half an hour.
•Grapefruit juice: Drinking one glass fresh juice of grapes early in the morning is also considered as effective for treating the problem of constipation. Again wait for about half hour after having juice.


Don’t drink grape juice if you are taking birth control pills, estrogen, anticonvulsant drugs and other type of drugs, because it slows down the breakdown of these medicines in body, which may result in high amount of these medicines in the blood.
•Grapefruit and orange juice: Taking half glass orange and half glass grape juice is also very good for a healthy bowel movement.


Thus these juices are good for complete cleansing of your body and removing harmful metallic toxins from your body. If you are not feeling relief even after trying these best natural treatments then you can take advice from your doctor for the treatment, he may tell you about some medicines.