Most people enjoy a cup of coffee. It is indeed a tasty beverage. Americans are addicted to it and drink a lot of coffee during the day. In India the southerners prefer coffee in the morning whereas in the north of India people take tea. Coffee digestion which is very much confused and we would try to discuss more about it here.

It is indeed enjoyable to have a hot cup of creamy coffee after a good meal. Some prefer to have it black or without sugar. Which ever way, the fact remains one does relish it a lot.

Coffee is considered to be good for digestion no doubt, but some feel otherwise. Some experts opine that it causes stomach upsets and is a stimulant and is bad for one’s health. Many people are addicted to it. They simply cannot do without their morning cup of coffee.

Coffee is supposed to help digestion. How?

How does coffee help digestion?

◾Coffee as an infusion aids digestion.

◾Too much boiling of coffee may be not good for digestion.

◾It is good to have after a meal as it aids digestion.

◾It increases the acid level in one’s stomach thus promoting protein digestion.


Some experts view that coffee does not help digestion. How?


Why coffee does not help digestion?

◾It contains caffeine which is not good for health and can cause acidity.

◾One experiences stomach upsets.

◾Coffee is a stimulant and it acts upon one’s gastro-intestinal tract.

◾Coffee is supposed to increase stress hormones

◾It acts a s a laxative.


Coffee no doubt is an enjoyable drink but it can aid digestion as well as cause upset stomach. Whatever said and done coffee lovers cannot do without it.