The following herbs can be used to manage Crohn’s disease symptoms:

•Aloe juice to soften stools and heal the intestines

•Bromelain tablets to help with digestion of proteins

•Fennel seed tea to help relieve gas and constipation

•Marshmallow root forms a protective layer in the digestive tract

•Slippery elm soothes inflammation and can be taken as a powder mixed in hot water as often as needed


Because nutrients are not properly absorbed in people with Crohn’s disease, vitamin supplements may help strengthen the body and reduce symptoms.

•Zinc, folic acid and vitamin B12 help repair the intestine

•Calcium and vitamin D help keep your bones strong. Crohn’s sufferers are often deficient in vitamin D.

•Probiotics may reduce bouts of diarrhea

•Glutamine can improve overall intestinal health