Eighty million Americans suffer from digestive problems on a daily basis, leading the way for specialized diets to become the norm.  Johnson Compounding recognizes the importance of enzymes, which many believe to be the next wave of wellness in the digestion category.

The digestive plague has ravaged the American people with disorders and diseases, causing an epidemic in North America. Statistics show that over $100 billion a year is spent on medical treatment for digestive concerns and $10 billion dollars alone for Over the Counter (OTC) and prescription antacids. Heartburn drugs have become the top selling OTC and prescription medication in this country. While these medications may treat the symptoms momentarily, they fail to address the underlying and systemic issues plaguing the millions of Americans who seek relief.

The solution is naturally produced by our bodies and found in fresh wholesome foods and supplements. Enzymes, which occur naturally in the body, are responsible for digestive health. Nearly every action that takes place within the body, including digestion, immunity, and cellular repair, requires the action of enzymes. With certified enzyme experts on staff, Johnson Compounding can be a resource to support naturally improving digestive issues.

One commonly known solution are probiotic dietary supplements, which contain the healthy bacteria found in yogurt. Probiotics have made the national headlines, but not all the facts are known. Probiotics fuel our digestion through the production of digestive enzymes. This thereby allows the American people to go to the source of the digestive problems and allows them to take enzymes directly.

Enzymes are crucial for healthy digestion and the absorption of nutrients, and therefore enzyme supplements may potentially prevent the indigestion that plagues so many.